A centuries old technique!

Jaipur, Rajasthan in India, one of my favorite cities, is where our Spice Jar block printed fabrics are made. About 20 years ago, I immediately fell in love with this cities famous craftsmanship of block printing. The fabrics, colors and patterns are just beautiful! The technique dates back centuries ago and is still used by the traditional artisans, who do everything by hand. It is a difficult skill that is passed from generation to generation.

There is a whole proces before the actual quilt or fabric is ready, this takes weeks and all is made by hand. First a master block carver carves a print in wood. They soak it in oil to harden the wood. Then they dip the block in a color dye and print the cotton without any measurement, they do it by feel and eye. A technique which I have tried and is truly artwork. For some fabrics they use single blocks and colors, others vary in print and color. Fascinating to watch and you realize how much work goes into a piece of fabric.

Every time when I walk into my daughters room and see the beautiful quilt on her bed, I think of all the time and effort put into it, I am in awe. It's more than just a blanket, there is a whole story behind it. All pieces are unique and made by hand. And because they are made by hand, they can show small imperfections.That's what makes them perfect! We, from Spice Jar, hope you like our block printed items as much as we do.