The story and face behind Spice Jar


Hi, this is me, Karen, the face behind Spice Jar. Let me tell you a bit about who I am and the story behind Spice Jar.

I am a mother of 2 wonderful children, my son is 10 and daughter is 8 years old. I have been with my husband almost 13 years.

After my study neuropsychology I wanted to travel the world. With an exchange programme from Aiesec I went to Jaipur, India when I was 24 years old. I worked there as a psychologist at a school for disabled children. I can say that this experience has changed my life in all directions. And this is where my love for Jaipur began, now almost 20 years ago.

Loving to travel and discovering cultures, I applied as a flight attendant with a Dutch airline, to explore the world, initially for 1 year and ended working there 15 years. It was such a great time! I literally flew all across the world, meeting people, discovering cultures and seeing the most beautiful countries. Always bringing back local products for family and friends.

For my husbands job, we moved to Far East Asia, to Singapore. Where we lived 4 years. Unfortunately I had to quit my job as flight attendant. But this gave me the oppertunity to work in a new field. I started working for a beautiful, inspirational furniture company with handmade products from Indonesia. Again seeing the beauty of artisanal handicrafts and working together with other entrepeneurs from around the world gave me so much inspiration. The thought of setting up my own business was coming to live. I learned a lot from many international people, owning there business. And when we moved back to the Netherlands in 2019, I thought it was the right time to spread my own (business)wings so to speak. I always had the idea to set up a business where I could combine my love for travelling, cultures, artisinal craftsmanship and sharing stories behind them. India, the country where this all started was my first starting point. I wanted to share the beautiful treasures and the stories behind them, which I had discovered throughout the years. These treasures all come together in Spice Jar.


Where does the name come from?

How could it be else, from Jaipur, India. About 1 year ago, I was on a buying/expoloring trip to Jaipur. I was with a friend, sitting in the hotel until we both saw these gorgeous Spice Jars, or pickle jars as they called them. Jars to preserve foods and spices in, made of clay. We had our eyes set on these, we wanted to take a few back home, how beautiful would they look in our kitchens! In the pink city of Jaipur, after a lot of asking and browsing we found them at the bazaar. How happy we were! We had already bought too much, but these had to come. The word Spice Jar kept circling in my mind. And boom…I had my business name. Beside I just love the object and the purpose of the jar, it combines all of my passions, cultures, travel, handicrafts, spices and cooking. All in 1 jar.


So, what is Spice Jar about?

It caries a selection of carefully found products, that I love myself, through travel and cultures. Sourcing the globe and sharing stories behind these products. My first love ofcourse, is Indian block printed textiles and also high quality European linens, one of my favorite products and investment pieces in my house.

Besides textiles and home accesories we will soon be adding more lifestyle products from around the world. Our main collection will have additional seasonal products, like handmade jute bags and hats from Madagascar, blockprinted Indian sarongs, Moroccan products and many more to come. These will change from season to season. So keep an eye on our website and social media.


Who are our suppliers?

They are the people who create these products with love and care, who have artisanal skills which go back many centuries and are passed on from one generation to the next. They come from India, Lithuania, Madagascar, Marrakech and soon more. Our stock is small, we choose special products and share the stories behind it through a blog and social media. We love to combine different styles, prints and colors.


What is my style?

I would say it really is my own style, both in my interior as personal style. I love to mix and match.  So you will see industrial in my house, like steel doors, but mixed with a very classic french wooden floor. My favorite elements are wood, marble stone, concrete, steel with a touch of bohemian here and there. I love my Balinese sofa bed with piles of cushions with all sorts of prints, colors and texture. My personal style is a mix of classic items matched with a few keypieces. Everything you see online are products I love myself.


Do I like having my own business?

Yes, I love it! It is scary as hell! Having all responsiblities and everything that comes with it. Is is hard work, but so rewarding! I am learning every day. Developing with baby steps and hopefully soon with bigger steps. And thankfully I have great people around me I can work with and ask for advise.

This is what I love and hope to be doing for ever! So thank you for meeting me here and hopefully I will see you soon, online or in real life.